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FAQ & Helpdesk

We would recommend that you make yourself familiar with common problems and their solutions before contacting support. Please find them below:

Problem: I cant connect to the server!

Solution: Read this post: Trouble with the connection? Check this out! - Still not working? Then clear your browser cashe, reinstall the extension and try again. Even make sure that you do not use any other Agario extension.

Problem: I have not received my plan. What should I do?

Solution: If you have not received your bots plan in 10 minutes after complete payment then you need to contact us immediately. Maybe you have changed your IP or you just filled in wrong numbers in the order form. Send us your right IP-address and we will update it as soon as possible. Then refresh and your bots should show.

Problem: The bots don't come to me!

Solution: Make sure that you're playing in the mode "XTRA". To do this, press the "Esc" key when you're in the game. Once the menu has loaded, click the submenu next to your name which displays the current game mode and you will see "XTRA". If you use other game mode the bots cant find you.

Does none of the above help? Then feel free to message us directly on e-mail or submit your question on our Discord Community. When you message us, make sure you include your IP-adress which can be found on our shop.

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