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Bots Rent

In this section, you can rent the necessary number of bots for a limited amount of time. For convenience, there are several types of packages. After selecting a plan and completing your payment, we will activate your bots within 10 minutes. After its activated, you can go to (XTRA Mode) and enjoy the pleasures of the game. We also allow you to have a custom name for your bots. After the lease expires, all of the purchased bots will stop spawning on the map.

Bronze Membership


Time Duration: 2 hours

Max bots: 20

Change name: Allowed

Price: 1$

Silver Membership


Time Duration: 4 hours

Max bots: 40

Change name: Allowed

Price: 3$

Gold Membership


Time Duration: 6 hours

Max bots: 60

Change name: Allowed

Price: 5$

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