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Skins will be fixed

We are aware of the skins issue, players can see their own skin, but not others. This will be fixed in the upcoming updates.

Anyway, we are grateful if you report any bugs that you experience in the game.

NOTE: If you feel such a strong need for other players to see your skin, then you can simply use <skin> before your nick. For example, if you use ''kraken'' skin type <kraken> Your Nick at the name field and others will be able to see your skin. And don't worry! Players will only see your nick, without the <skin> that you included in your name. It works the same on the leaderboard, only your nick will be listed, without the skin tag. However, you will see your own cell with the whole nickname you entered, including the tag, but it's no big deal!

Even note that only 15 characters are allowed (Your <skin> tag + nickname must be max 15 in total otherwise it will not work)

The AgarXTRA Staff

26 Feb 2017

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